A programmable message display for use with PLC contacts or MODBUS or just plain ASCII. Capable of displaying a message of two lines of 20 characters per line or dual 100 segment bargraphs. No practical limit to the different messages that can be selected using a single relay or transistor output from a PLC.

Alternatively the display can be directly addressed over RS-485 to display host specified messages or it can simply sniff RS-485 networks and extract current system messages transparently to the network. Equipped with RS232 and RS485 ports plus Hires VGA and TV outputs for enhanced displays are fitted as standard.

    • RS232
    • RS485
    • Pulse mode input
    • 20×2 backlit LCD
    • P8X32A Multicore CPU
    • VGA and TV out
    • LV100 compatible modes
    • MODBUS and ASCII protocols
    • Switch-mode supply
    • RS232 terminal menu setup
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