RS422 lines can typically run hundreds of metres or more. One side effect of such long line lengths can be harmful transients and ground-loop currents which can introduce errors or disrupt communications or even damage the host.

The CE-0019Q electrically isolates RS422 buses from other RS422 buses through an optical isolation barrier rated at over 3,000 volts. Not only does this prevent harmful voltages being coupled through to the each side but it also isolates grounds from side which otherwise could affect the inherent common-mode voltage rejection, a problem on many balanced networks.

    • 3KV optical isolation barrier
    • Full duplex operation to 1Mbps
    • >1200 metres transmission capability
    • RS422 fast TVS Transient protection
    • Wide supply range single DC power
    • Efficient switch-mode regulation
    • Compact vertical DIN rail mounting
    • Pluggable Combicon terminal connections
    • LED indicators
    • 4 Independent RS442 Modules
    • 4 Independent SMPS Modules
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